"The old adage is true — writing is rewriting. But it takes a kind of courage to confront your own awfulness (and you will be awful) and realize that, if you sleep on it, you can come back and bang at the thing some more, and it will be less awful. And then you sleep again, and bang even more, and you have something middling. Then you sleep some more, and bang, and you get something that is actually coherent. Hopefully when you are done you have a piece that reasonably approximates the music in your head. And some day, having done that for years, perhaps you will get something that is even better than the music in your head. Becoming a better writer means becoming a re-writer. But that first phase is so awful that most people don’t want any part."


Another Music Man… Another quartet… Another chance to use my arranging skills for evil ;)

see attached january 2013: SHOES


I had one pair of Jordans my whole life. I think I was seven, like in the song.

My mom and dad took me down to The Athlete’s Foot at Southcenter. They were red and black, mostly. I can’t tell you the pair off top, not by name, number, whatever. I can’t even tell you why I had them picked…

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Blood ivory in the Philippines

And finally—all my studies of choral arranging and contrary motion are put to good use.  

Or, my effort to reconcile being immersed in The Music Man for the past two months, while also being bombarded by pop culture when I turn anything on.

If you’re not doing anything this week, come watch me wave a chopstick at 70+ kids for two hours!

Diego takes a bath… for the first time!